Art of influencing others


How You Will Benefit

Influence is a tool of the successful—being able to affect influence or win others to your way of thinking, demands respect and allows you the authority to affect outcomes. Too often we assume only a person of influence can affect it. However, influencing goes beyond positions of power and encompasses more subtle skills like empathy and active listening. It is rooted in effective communication skills and self-understanding. Learning how to demonstrate authenticity and integrity through your interactions with others and to how to have a strong sense of self-awareness lays the groundwork for mastering the art of influence—leading to improved working relationships and increased opportunities to see your ideas grow.

Course Objectives

Successful completion of this course will increase your ability to:
•Build rapport and develop genuine relationships.
•Improve communication skills, including verbal and nonverbal messages, to be more effective with others.
•Recognize common barriers to communication.
•Understand and use communication styles to tailor your communications.
•Resolve conflicts.

Key Topics Covered

This course explores the following subjects in depth:
•Establishing common ground reading others’ emotions and nonverbal cues
Using active listening to improve understanding and self-disclosure to respond objectively
•Recognizing your communicative filters and preferences

•The four common communication styles and how they affect interactions
•The difference between misunderstandings and disagreements
•Using constructive behaviors and statements to minimize defensiveness
•Maintaining your composure in emotional situations
•Steps for resolving and preventing conflict
•The five elements for building relationships and establishing integrity

What the Course Offers

•Interactive learning setting
•Opportunity to apply the concepts in arisk-free environment
•Thorough set of materials: InstructorGuide, Participant Guide, classroom powerpoint presentation, and one-page learning Summary