Customer service over the phone


How You Will Benefit

Customer service over the phone can be tricky as clients often have low expectations for service quality. Depending on your phone system, customers may have to deal with phone menus, dropped calls, unending waiting music or multiple representative transfers before they get to you. Therefore callers may be a bit testy, and it is your job to turn their experience around and meet their needs.
Call representatives are integral to earning revenue for a company. In fact, 94 % of most marketing budgets is spent on persuading a customer to call. For the call representative, the stakes are high when the client can hang up on a whim. Only 12 percent of consumers will stay on the line if they hear silence and 34 percent will hang up and not call back.
Furthermore, 7 in 10 Americans are willing to spend more with companies they believe provide excellent customer service. Seventy-eight percent of happy customers attribute their satisfaction to competent service reps.
Given these statistics, it is important to cultivate you customer service A-game. This course will teach you skills to build rapport, use proper etiquette, handle angry customers, say “no“ in a positive way, and recover from mistakes. After the course you will have more confidence to win over any kind of customer, leading to more success for your organization.

Course Objectives

Successful completion of this course will increase your ability to:
•Recognize the components of customer service
•Identify the roles of a customer service representative
•Practice techniques for taking control of the call
•Learn to handle angry customers
•Implement strategies for staying motivated

Key Topics Covered

This course explores the following subjects in depth:
•Identify the components of customer service over the telephone
•Implement questioning techniques to solve problems when the customer is angry
•Implement nine keys to effective leadership in your daily supervision
•How to give feedback that improves performance

What the Course Offers

•Interactive learning setting
•Opportunity to apply the concepts in arisk-free environment
•Thorough set of materials: InstructorGuide, Participant Guide, classroom PowerPoint presentation, and one-page learning Summary