Social Media at Work


How You Will Benefit

There are more and more examples of employees
misusing social media in ways that harm the
organizations they work for. At a minimum, such
actions create bad publicity, and at worst, they lead
to damaging lawsuits that affect an organization’s
success and profitability.
An understanding of the dos and don’ts of using
social media at work is essential to every employee
in every organization. An organization’s public image
and reputation depend on how well it guides its
employees to exercise good judgment when using
social media, and on its ability to navigate the
difficult situations that arise from social media
While using social media effectively requires caution
and good judgment, it can also have significant
benefits, such as creating loyal, long-term customers
and improving relationships with employees,
vendors, and suppliers. This program looks at the
actions you should take—and those you should
avoid—to use social media successfully in your

Course Objectives

Successful completion of this course will increase
your ability to:
· Recognize the benefits of using social media in
the workplace.
· Identify the various legal and ethical risks of
using social media in the workplace.
· Protect your organization against legal action
resulting from intentional or unintentional
violations of law or policy.
· Encourage an “ambassador attitude” in
· Provide guidelines that help employees make
good decisions when using social media at work.
· Identify the elements of an effective social
media policy.

Key Topics Covered

This course explores the following subjects in depth:
· Prevalence of social media issues in the news.
· Who uses social media in the workplace.
· Business advantages and rewards of using social
media effectively.
· Categories of risk associated with using social
media at work.
· National Labor Relations Act (NLRA) and its
relation to social media.
· How to foster online etiquette and a proactive
“ambassador attitude” among employees.
· Strategies to establish a social media presence
that strengthens your organization’s reputation.
· Guidelines for building an effective, lawful social
media policy and gaining employees’ support.

What the Course Offers

· Interactive learning setting
· Opportunity to apply the concepts in a risk-free
· Thorough set of materials: Instructor Guide,
Participant Guide, classroom PowerPoint
presentation, and one-page Learning Summary