Why We Struggle With Tough Decisions


How You Will Benefit

According to Dr. Sheena Iyengar, author of The Art of
Choosing and one of the world’s experts on choice, a
person makes an average of 70 choices per day.
Many of these decisions are easy and don’t require
any deep thought. But others are difficult, and we
struggle with the decision‐making process,
wondering whether we’ve made the right choice and
worrying about the cost of the wrong choice.
In the workplace, some people get stuck
overanalyzing all of their choices—they want a
spreadsheet packed with data before proceeding
with any decision. Others swear by their intuition
and have no data to back up how they arrived at a
particular decision.
So how can you make a high‐impact decision that is
effective, practical, and successful? By having a clear
objective, gathering and evaluating information in a
structured way, avoiding common decision traps,
and by using your intuition to confirm or question
your decision. This course will enhance your
confidence and skill at making—and implementing—
tough decisions, allowing you to increase your value
to your organization and actively contribute to its

Course Objectives

Successful completion of this course will increase
your ability to:
 Understand the role that emotions play in
 Describe how to make a decision effectively,
recognizing key steps to take before, during, and
after the decision‐making process.
 Identify your values in order to guide your
actions, behaviors, and decisions.
 Put into practice various methods for collecting
and evaluating information.
 Recognize—and avoid—the most common traps
that complicate tough decisions.
 Develop strategies to overcome your concerns
about making and implementing tough

Key Topics Covered

This course explores the following subjects in depth:
 What makes a decision “tough,” and how tough
decisions differ from important decisions.
 The connection between emotions and decisionmaking,
examining several breakthrough studies
about the significance of emotions.
 Key steps of making tough decisions, including
defining your values and objective.
 Structured approaches to gather and evaluate
data, with a focus on weighted criteria and
decision tree analyses.
 Five common traps that interfere with making
good decisions.
 Strategies to overcome your concerns about
delivering a difficult message, to deal with a fear
of failure, and to implement a change.

What the Course Offers

 Interactive learning setting
 Opportunity to apply the concepts in a risk‐free
 Thorough set of materials: Instructor Guide,
Participant Guide, classroom PowerPoint
presentation, and one‐page Learning Summary