About Us

Carlos Williams — CEO

About Us

Core Global Training is the home of the Success Development System. We have trained, coached, and mentored, thousands of companies and individuals over throughout the years. Our team have over 100 years of coaching and training experienced combine. When we first started the company, our initial goal was to teach, train, and facilitate different organizations. While doing this we realized the leadership of these companies as well as the employees desired something more than the traditional training, they had become accustomed to. Determined to give our clients a better experience we got permission to do assessments on them so we could better understand their needs as an organization and as individuals.

Upon close examination of these assessments, we realized a lot of the issues at the workplace were not due to the stress of the job but was being derived from deeper self-sabotaging core issues at home like money, relationships, children, etc. However, and although unintentionally, these problems were contributing to low and mediocre performance on the job. Being a company with a growth mindset we immediately started looking at different coaching programs. Although some we looked at were good, most (in my opinion) were extremely overpriced and were only niche specific. So, our team and I got this bright idea and began to search out the brightest, successful, and most driven career, life, financial, executive, health, and neuro coaches in the industry.

Once we found these special group of people and presented the idea, they all knew we were on to something and were excited to be a part of something new, and with the potential for high impact. With their expertise, dedication, and commitment we created what we call the (SDS) Success Develop System.

What Is CGT Academy

CGT Academy is the training platform for Core Global Training. Our main focus is to develop plans and strategies for individuals and corporations that promotes growth and success in every area of our client’s lives’. Although CGT Academy provides and is equipped to train and facilitate different training topics, however, our Success Development System is mainly geared towards leadership training, personal development, life coaching, executive coaching, financial coaching, health coaching, and neuro coaching.