Become a Success Developer

STEP 1: Self-assess.

  • Personal and organizational success will always begin with assessments. It is the beginning of discovering who you are as a person and becoming self -aware of how you impact people. At Core Global Training we are here to unlock your potential and provide a path to a personal development plan you can utilize and experience exponential growth in your life. This process will also reveal if we are a good fit for one another.
  • Now your life or assessment doesn’t need to be perfect. However, your assessment must reveal at the very least that you do have an innate desire to inspire positive change in yourself and others. Regardless of your age, life stage or experience level, the decision to become a Certified Success Developer should be based on an inner calling to serve people, corporations, your community, and beyond.
  • Now is the time to ask yourself: Are you driven to understand and relate to the strengths and weaknesses of others? Are you able to show up with compassion and empathy? Are you willing to share your own personal journey to experiencing transformation? Do you have a desire to connect with people, build rich relationship and feel motivated to help others succeed?
  • If you answered “Yes” to these questions, chances are you are a natural fit for our program and therefore owe it to yourself to make this path of becoming a Certified Success Developer a reality.

STEP 2: Enroll in our Certified Success Development Program

  • Becoming a Certified Success Developer through our program requires a serious investment of your time, energy and financial capital, so be sure to choose one of our programs thoughtfully and ensure it is something you will commit to and stick with. Are you thinking of joining another program similar to ours? Before you decide, consider whether that school takes its mission and curriculum as seriously as we do. Compare school philosophies, methodologies, learning approaches, lesson content and whether or not they give you access to ongoing support. Your program selection should also provide you with the opportunity to specialize in various areas or niches so you can acquire more wisdom, knowledge, skills and tools in multiple areas instead of just one particular niche.
  • While there are many coaching certifications and companies out there, we are the only company who produces Certified Success Developers and is the proud owner of the Success Development System. Also, due to a remarkably diverse leadership team, everyone who becomes certified through our program will receive a high level of spiritual, financial, life, health, and executive training. This will give them the ability to assist clients in all of these areas of life instead of being niche specific like most coaching companies. This versatility, I believe gives us a distinct advantage over our competitors.
  • There are three different types of course curriculums that CGT provides. However, only one comes with a certification. There is: Associate’s Level Success Developer (ALSD), Bachelor’s Level Success Developer (BLSD), and then last but not least, there is our elite Certified Success Developer (CSD) Training Program.

STEP 3: Earn your Certification as a Success Developer

  • To become certified as a Success Developer, you need to complete our program that consists of several courses in the area of finance, spirituality, life, leadership, sales, and health. At the end of your completion of this program you will be evaluated by our leadership team on your proficiency in the areas mentioned above. And although you don’t have tobe an expert in any or all of these areas, our leadership team will expect for you to have foundational knowledge on these topics and show a moderate degree of competence when asked questions during our session with you. Our goal is to establish you as a true professional and provide an instant layer of legitimacy. Like it or not, people and corporations will assign more value to an individual who has invested in a rigorous training program involving multiple areas of training. It also builds trust and make others more inclined to pay handsomely for your services.
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STEP 4: Assign you to a seasoned Success Developer.

  • Having the resources to succeed as a Success Developer is just as important as having the knowledge and certification. This is why we assign you a seasoned Success Developer. Showing this level of ongoing support is just another way of demonstrating our commitment to your success.

STEP 5: Help you land paying clients.

  • Now that you completed our program and been assigned a seasoned Success Developer as a mentor, I am sure you have discussed business ideas to possibly do this full time, how to talk with potential clients about your services, and/or specific training on how to utilize the skills you have acquired through our program within an organization.
  • You want to keep your day job and just use this as a side hustle? You’ll still need to market yourself based on the training, certification and experience you’ve acquired through us
  • Planning to start a business as a Certified Success Developer full time? Well, the process is still the same. It is time to focus and not second guess yourself. Use the training, tools and Core Global Training’s resources at your disposal to build solid business relationships. Remember you will always have our support on growing your business. We are here to serve you. Whether that’s through our ongoing mentorship or whether it is just assisting you with agreement forms and/or questionnaires, call prep forms, worksheets, surveys, centering activities, and business development and marketing tools.

Take the First Step Forward

Connect with an expert to start a productive conversation about your interest in becoming a Success Developer and your potential for making a difference in your life and the lives of others.