Entrepreneurship Program

One of the key reasons for creating our Entrepreneur Program is to bring peace in our communities by connecting successful entrepreneurs to people in communities who would never generally connect due to demographic and/or social differences. We believe if we can give men and women in these high-risk crime areas an opportunity to be mentored and have exposure to people with a proven track record of success, we could possibly change the mindset and culture of these neighborhoods and then ultimately change the trajectory. The sole mission is to eliminate poverty and stop the senseless violence that has gripped our city.
As a training company we understand the need for training and the consistency of it. We also know the importance of meeting people where they are. We know everyone may not be ready for running a business and entering into the life of entrepreneurship. So aside from that we will also be providing soft-skill training to everyone from those who are just entering the workforce and need to learn the basics to small business owners who want to refine or refresh
their skills. Please check below to see other things we will be offering through our nonprofit The Core Network (thecorenetwork.org) and other companies we are connected to.

Employment Services and Mentoring

  • Financial coaching: The basics of creating and maintaining a personal financial plan includes creating and maintaining a personal budget, growing credit, and mainstream bank literacy. Workshops on investing, insurance, real estate, budgeting, retirement, and tax planning
  • Employment services: Resume building, mock interviews, coaching in acceptable workplace behavior.
  • Mentoring: in the form of guidance from local business leaders on the skills they look for in employees, how to become effective leaders, and best practices for building businesses

Core Global Training goal is to see an advance number of new entrepreneurs in the urban areas.

Our 8-week program is delivered in ten components:

  • Part 1 – Conducting Market Research
  • Part 2 – Developing Your Action Plan
  • Part 3 – Funding Your Business
  • Part 4- Picking Location
  • Part 5- Business Structure
  • Part 6- Choose Your Business Name
  • Part 7- Registering Business Name
  • Part 8- Getting EIN#
  • Part 9- Applying for Licenses and/or Permits if applicable.
  • Part 10- Opening a Business Bank Account

In order for this entrepreneur program to be a success, the model will rely on five working components. that together anticipate and disrupt the transmission of violence from one person to the next. 

  • Successful Entrepreneurs and Business Owners 
  • Donors
  • Colleges and Trade Schools offering Scholarships.
  • Law Enforcement showing support to the vision.
  • Mentors

Core Global Training along with The Core Network care about our community and is working every day in conjunction with other organizations to constantly find new and creative ways to mediate conflict, strengthen community ties, transform lives, and reduce gun violence.

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