How to Make Yourself Indispensable


How You Will Benefit

While every employee has a certain role in the
the functioning of their organization, today’s workplace
requires that an individual readily take on a range of
tasks to accommodate frequent organizational
changes and remain productive. Flexibility is a longstanding
and valuable trait in the working
environment and an increasingly necessary element
with today’s technological advances. With new
innovations, there are new tasks to perform and
new roles to assume—an inevitable outcome of our
increasingly global market and companies’ desire to
improve efficiency amidst the change.
Today’s workplace is an international
a conglomeration of “individuals who possess
different values and orientations…” As a result, it is
not only important to be able to take initiative and
assume new roles in the workplace, but also to
communicate effectively among various
departments, individuals, co‐workers, and clientele
at every level.
How to Make Yourself Indispensable is a
a comprehensive course designed to make you an
invaluable employee. It teaches you the skills you
need to adapt to—and even embrace—situational
changes at work. You’ll learn how to thrive under
pressure and expand your career opportunities by
taking initiative, effectively resolving problems,
sharing your knowledge, and being an overall
positive influence in the workplace.

Course Objectives

This course will help you to:
 Take ownership of your responsibilities and
 Take initiative to go above and beyond what is
expected of you.
 Expand your sphere of influence.
 Perform well under pressure.
 Adapt to changing situations.
 Be someone others want to work with.
 Help others improve their performance.
 Avoid being “irreplaceable”—locked into your
role and unwilling to share your knowledge.

Key Topics Covered

This course will empower you to do the following:
 Take responsibility for the results of your work
and review processes to make improvements.
 Step outside your comfort zone to take
advantage of career‐building opportunities.
 Network and communicate effectively between
departments to expand your scope of influence.
 Set aside emotions and excel under pressure.
 Implement high standards for teams and
encourage team members.
 Learn to be a “replaceable” employee by sharing
your knowledge and working through change to
become a positive influence.
 Examine the three root causes for problems and
effectively analyze and resolve issues.
 Increase your intellectual flexibility by building
mental agility and foreseeing needs.

What the Course Offers

 Interactive learning setting
 Opportunity to apply the concepts in a risk‐free
 A thorough set of materials: Instructor Guide,
Participant Guide, classroom PowerPoint
presentation, and one‐page Learning Summary